Buy Porsche

Buy Porsche

Looking to buy porsche? At Parr we provide high quality second hand Porsche sales. All cars advertised by us are fully inspected to ensure they meet our high standards and those of our customers. Over 25 years in the Porsche servicing and tuning business has taught us vast amounts and this is reflected in our second hand car sales. We have found a little ‘inside knowledge’ can go a long way when looking over a used Porsche and the cars we stock are fantastic examples of the magnificent brand that is Porsche.


Our main area of business is Porsche servicing and Porsche motorsport but when we are presented with an opportunity to sell a car we have looked after or worked on we jump at the chance. As well as offering cars for sale we also have many Porsche upgrades available for your new toy!


If you want to buy Porsche Parr can help you to source exactly what you are looking for. Our selection of used Porsche cars are all available to view at our state of the art facilities in Crawley. All of our second hand Porsche sales come with a Porsche warranty that will give you the peace of mind that, in the event your vehicle has an unexpected breakdown, the policy will contribute to the cost of getting you going again.

It will, within reason, cover the costs to allow your immobilized car to be recovered to a repair centre for the work to take place. Not only that but if the work takes longer than eight hours it will help with a hire car or overnight hotel accommodation if you are away from home.