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ou can sometimes read a lot into an
advertisement. Other times it’s difficult
to get more than just an inkling of what
the company is trying to say, or indeed
sell, to the beholder.
Take Parr, for instance. The predominately
black half-page ad in last months’ issue of
911 &
Porsche World
simply says: ‘Possibly the Best
Porsche Specialist in the World’. Further
information contains only the company logo and
the address. So what do you make of that? Is this
arrogance gonemad, or does Parr have anything to
back up this somewhat challenging statement?
Facts are what we need. Formed from a mainly
Jaguar-based specialist concern started by his
father, Paul Robe has built up Parr through four
changes of premises to today’s 20-person
business housed in spacious and modern
workshops in the suburbs of Crawley. Tending
and mending Porsches of all ages is the
bread-and-butter of the business; preparing and
running race cars is the more exciting side.
Words: Paul Davies Photography: DaveWigmore
Parr moved into race-car preparation and
management as an extension of its more
mundane activities back in the late 1980s,
helping many customers to success in Porsche
Club championships. After just a year at
international level, it took two cars to Le Mans
and came away with second and fourth places in
their category. If you know Le Mans, you know
that’s no mean feat.
Porsche Cars Great Britain obviously rates Parr
very highly. The words PORSCHE MOTORSPORT
on the side of a big white truck in the workshop
tell us that the Sussex company is currently
the official motor sport ‘partner’ for the
UK distributor. In 2001, Parr-run Porsche
GB-supported cars finished first and second in
the GTO division of the British GT Championship.
And since the advent of the Porsche Carrera
Cup in 2003, Parr has been the official technical
support provider for the series. Any day now
(it’s late January when I’m writing this), 10
spanking-new GT3 Cup cars from Germany will
Official Carrera Cup engine and gearbox
rebuildswill take place on Parr’s premises
in 2007, a task previously undertaken
only at the Porsche factory
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