30th Anniversary car

Parr have unveiled a special livery on their 991 GT3 Cup car to commemorate thirty years of trading and motorsport success. The reveal took place at the historic Le Mans circuit in France where the team are racing this weekend in the Porsche Carrera Cup. The race will take place on Saturday morning, just hours before the 24-hour race begins in the afternoon.

The livery combines the team’s now trademark chrome with red in a design that harks back to the classic Porsche designs from the 1970’s. It was kept under wraps after the vinyl was applied to the car by Totally Dynamic vehicle wrappers just before the team left for the track. The design incorporates a chequered flag, which has been a staple of the Parr logo since it was formed in 1984. On the roof a montage of thirty years of motorsport has been printed in black onto chrome, with the red stripe down the middle of the car contains a timeline listing significant events in the team’s history. The bonnet also bears the original logo from 1984.

“The company was started in 1984,” said Paul Robe. “PARR is actually the name Paul and Ray Robe, Ray being my dad. Dad was part of it in the early days and from my point of view it was always my ambition to turn the company into a specialist. I’d been involved with Porsche before I wanted to dedicate it to one marquee, which was Porsche.”

Three generations of the Robe family are present with the team as it participates in Round seven of the Carrera Cup GB. The also contains two members who were working when Parr first competed at Le Mans in 1996. That year Parr motorsport entered two GT2 cars and finished an impressive second and fourth in class.

As the race is being run with the French Carrera Cup championship all UK entries have to run numbers with a prefix number 1. The anniversary car will run with number 130. Free Practice will begin on Wednesday at 20:30 local time.

“The chance to unveil the car here at Le Mans was an opportunity too good to miss.” Said Paul. “It has worked out in a way that I’m very pleased with. I’ve got my father and my son here as well, which makes it quite special. We haven’t been here working since 1996 when we worked here with New Hardware in the GT2 category. To come back with the team and with Ben, Peter and Peter it is really great. Ben is a world-class driver now and he certainly has the potential to be looking for a win and show Parr in the light that I want it to be seen. We got a car that looks the part and it’s going to be an exciting week.”