The second free practice session of the day was literally a wash out. With rain coming down over the lunch break rivers were running down the track at one point and so it was going to be very limited running for the session. Some of the other drivers did up to seventeen laps in the wet but the Parr Motorsport team decided there was little to learn from the track and with Ben having already set the fastest time of the day during the dryer first session, everything to lose.

Ben and Richard collectively completed seven laps of the track. The first time they went out they only completed a lap before the red flag flew for Al Harthy going off at Druids. After his car had been recovered and the track went green again Ben and Richard went out only for Al Harthy to go off again and cause a second red flag. With only six minutes remaining we decided to call it a day and return to the pits.

“I should have brought my swimmers!” said Richard. “It was so wet today. The first session was wet enough so (team boss) Paul suggested we sit in pit lane for this session and see what the others do because the weather was so abysmal. We waited until about fifteen minutes to go before we went out to see what it was like but it was really treacherous, a lot of standing water and even on the straight you were spinning the wheels so it wasn’t a lot of fun. You’ve got to be so sensible on a weekend like this, the weather is going to be considerably better over the weekend so it doesn’t make any sense to go out there and risk anything on a day like this. We all know the track well here lets just look after the car, don’t do anything silly and save ourselves for tomorrow when it matters. It was the right call, it wasn’t comfortable at all so the car is fine thankfully so we’ll leave it that way and be ready for tomorrow.”

Ben added, “it’s always hard sitting in a car waiting to go out because you’re eager to go out but there was loads of standing water and it wasn’t worth lobbing it off into the wall.  Tomorrow we’re first out in qualifying and it’s a long lap here so we can get on it straight away.“