Pepe Massot in Knockhill qualifyingThe rain came down an hour before the qualifying session began, soaking the tracks and pretty much everything else. It eased up by the start of the session but the track was still sodden and it was definitely going to be a wet tyre affair. By mid-session the sun was shining and warming up the assembled masses of mechanics and other championship personnel.

The cars were doing a very good job of drying out the track as vast amounts of water were thrown into the air by the massive Michelin wets. There was plenty of water to shift and whilst the track got faster as the session progressed it was still a long way from slick tyres. With that in mind it was a case of being able to get a lap in at the peak of the tyre whilst hoping that you don’t compromise the lap too much given that the car setup is not optimal. 

It is very difficult to set a car up for a drying track that is changing second by second, it enters the middle ground of not quite wet and not quite dry so you are constantly chasing the car. “We should have pushed harder at the beginning when I went out,” said Peter of his run. “We had a strategy to work through but it didn’t work as the tracked dried out too fast. The car was hard to drive on the second set of tyres because it was drying out so it was really, really difficult.”

Team-mate Pepe Massot was also finding the conditions tough work. “I’m gutted with the result today. We didn’t quite have the setup right for the car and I didn’t have the front end, I couldn’t get the nose rotated. We’ll look at the data and see what we can learn for tomorrow.”

“It was a tough qualifying with a drying track,” added team boss Paul Robe. “You’ve got the scenario when you go out with the track being quite wet but then drying. It’s very hard to deal with because the track goes greasy. I know the drivers both felt they could have done better. We’ll just have to put that one behind us. It was the first wet qualifying session that we’ve had to deal with so we’ve come out of it with some knowledge about the new car in the rain, which is a positive. We’re ready for tomorrow though and we are competitive.”