Dino Zamparelli qualifies seventh at SnettertonParr Motorsport’s Dino Zamparelli suffered a bizarre technical issue in qualifying but still managed to overcome the handicap to claim seventh position for both races.

The Clifton-based youngster had to complete the half hour session without a working dash, leaving him without gear display, shift lights and all the other information the driver relies on to get the maximum from his car.

The incident had a knock on affect on Dino’s lap times, having to short shift due to not having his rev display which meant he lost straight line speed exiting corners. With no brake point indicator he was also losing out under braking and with the grid being so close, tenths of a second can make all of the difference.

“It wasn’t where we want to be obviously,” said Dino. “We had a problem with the dash. I couldn’t see my rev or breaking lights which as a driver you rely on heavily, more than I thought. I didn’t have it so I was driving a bit blind with the gear change so I’m sure that cost us a bit of time. We are a second down on pace which is not where we wanted to be. As always we’ve got work to do but we’ll fight in tomorrow’s race.”

“Seventh wasn’t where we wanted to be,” added team boss Paul Robe. “We were happy that we got the car working in the end but we had a little bit of a problem with the dash. He couldn’t see the brake lights to give him his guide, which caused us a bit of a worry, and caused him to lose time. We have rectified it now so hopefully we’ll have a good race.”

The first race tomorrow will commence at 10.45 with the second race stating at 17.40­.