Peter Kyle-Henney in carJust 14 months after taking part in his first race, Porsche Carrera Cup GB racer Peter Kyle-Henney will be racing at Le Mans next month as the Carrera Cup GB joins with the Carrera Cup France as a support race to the world-famous 24-hour race on Saturday 14 June.
As Porsche returns to compete at the top level of sports car racing, the traditional support race to the 24 Hours will feature the latest version of the iconic, rear-engined 460 hp 911 race car. Competitors from the British and French Carrera Cups will compete on the famous French race track in front of hundreds of thousands of fans gathered for what is arguably the most iconic race in the motor sport calendar.
With 16 overall victories, Porsche is the most successful manufacturer in Le Mans history. This year, Porsche returns to Le Mans with the factory-run 919 Hybrid sports prototype race car in the top LMP1 category.
Carrera Cup Pro-Am2 contender Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) says that the Le Mans race is a focal point for his 2014 season. “It’s a huge deal for me,” he said. “After starting racing in the GT3 Cup Challenge last year, to be told we could go to Le Mans this year was amazing. It was a big reason for doing the Carrera Cup this season. To be part of the whole 24-hour event at the same time that Porsche is going back to the 24-hour race is absolutely fantastic.
“I’ve promised myself to go to Le Mans to watch the race many times, but I never have, so this will be my first time at the track and I don’t have the racing experience of most of the other drivers,” said the Hampshire-based driver.
“The family is coming and we’ve got a lot of guests coming so we’re going to make a real party of it. It is going to be fantastic and probably my only chance to race at Le Mans. It’s not just about the race, it’s the whole package. Just being there is more important than the result.
Peter Kyle-Henney on track at the Media Day“The first time I ever did a serious track day was at Spa with Derek Bell. He took me round the circuit and that was such a fantastic experience. Hearing some of the stories from Derek about racing at Le Mans was tremendous and the whole heritage of Porsche racing at Le Mans is very important to me.”