After a weekend at Silverstone for the GT Cup we left HQ at six am to catch the 8:25 Dover ferry. With the trucks having left the previous day destined for the classic French circuit, it was just personnel that needed shipping over to join the cars and equipment we’d need for the weekend.

We arrived at the circuit at 4pm after a driving the 400 odd kilometres from Calais with a brief stop for lunch. The advance party was already parked up and the cars had been moved into their temporary homes in the tented village that had become the Porsche Carrera Cup paddock. The chrome beauties drew some admiring glances from the assembly of drivers, teams and passers by – we will have to wait a day or two before we can see how good they look out on track. 

After checking in at the circuit it was time to head off and find our home for the next week. About a thirty-minute drive into the country we would find an idyllic farmhouse surrounded by barley fields. It is perfect to get away from the noise and chaos of a motorsport paddock and big enough to ensure all the team members are together. Ben would be staying with us with Pete Smallwood staying nearby as well.

Day two dawned and after a lovely breakfast of pasties, fresh French bread and fruit we left Le Mans Scrutineeringfor the track. It would be a day of preparation as we properly got our garage sorted out for the work ahead. The first priority was getting the 30th anniversary car stickered for a photo shoot. Parr was formed in 1984 so this year is a significant year for the company and with Ben running in the car at Le Mans we have designed a special livery for the car. The design was finished and applied by the guys at Totally Dynamic vehicle wrappers just before the car was loaded into the truck. We still needed to apply championship stickers to make it look the part. Once the photos were taken they were sent to Autosport to make their deadline for this week’s publication. 

After that it was a case of the cars getting scrutineered, the boards being put up and the tents being organised for use over the next few days. More stickers were applied to the other cars to bring them in line with the French championship with whom we would be running. By five thirty we were done for the day it was time to return to the farmhouse for a barbeque and a relaxing beer. Tomorrow we’ll be practicing at 8:30pm so we’ll have to wait until them for our first experience on track. We can’t wait.