Peter Kyle-Henney at Oulton ParkDino Zamparelli and Paul Rees scored top ten finishes in round five at Oulton Park as tem mate Peter Kyle-Henney spectacularly somersaulted into retirement.

A problematic qualifying session meant Dino, Paul and Mark all lined up out of position on the grid. Paul and Mark both benefited early on with Jayde Kruger retiring with a broken driveshaft. After that the cars were all closely bunched, fighting to find the smallest of gaps to make a move.

That status quo remained until lap seven when the Safety Car was scrambled to recover the car of Peter Kyle-Henney after contact had been made with the car of Graeme Mundy. The touch sent the chrome Sesanti car into a flip and the car carried on, cart-wheeling end over end until it came to rest. Thankfully peter was able to get out the car unaided and after a brief check over in the Medical Centre he was cleared. The car however was in a much worse state and Peter will not be taking part in race six. 

With the accident cleared the race resumed but with so many evenly matched cars on such a tight circuit there was little chance of any meaningful moves being made and the field crossed the line to finish the race six laps later without any change.

Dino Zamparelli – Started 7th, finished 5th

“We started seventh so it was going to be hard but we finished fifth and that was as good as it was going to get I think. There are lots of positives to take from that race so we will look at it tonight. We’ll push on for tomorrow.”

Paul Rees – Started 14th, finished 10th

“I got a great start but then had to back out of it because Ryan Cullen’s water hose exploded so I had to save it from going in the barrier. Then I got my head down and got stuck behind Gelzinis who did a very good job of defending for the entire race. He didn’t put a foot wrong and although I was a lot quicker I could not pass. It’s very narrow around here and I looked for every gap and couldn’t find one.” 

Mark Cole – Started 16th, finished 12th (4th in ProAm1)

“I had a good start but everyone around me that I needed to make bad starts also made good starts. I settled in and I was fractionally quicker than the guy in front but only on the brakes into slow turns and I couldn’t get on the throttle as fast as him. It’s the best of a bad job. If you look at my race times ultimately we’re about half a second off the pace, that’s it. If you look at the times for qualifying though we’re two seconds off the pace so what’s clear is I need to hook up in qualifying. We have to find qualifying pace, which is a mix of me and a bit of luck so we can capitalise in the race.”

Peter Kyle-Henney – started 19th, DNF

“It was a very tough race indeed. It went well to start with some proper racing but it was very unfortunate that we had the contact with Graeme Mundy that just put me in the air. The next thing I know I’m barrel rolling through turn one which was quite a shocking experience. The main thing is that you walk away unscathed. I can thank that really. It was big accident. It was interesting to see that Graeme’s car just got under the sill and tipped it up in the air and you just have to wait and hope that it lands in a safe way but I don’t know how many times I rolled but it’s more that I care for!”