Pete Smallwood wins double at Oulton Park

Parr Motorsport’s Pete Smallwood did the double at Oulton Park today and took his second ProAm2 win in as many days. Unfortunately for Pete this was more of a formality as his only other rival in the class, Will Goff, pulled out of the event on Thursday but as the saying goes, ‘you have to be in it to win it!’

Pete got a superb start, dropping the clutch just as the lights went out after a four second hold. It was a perfect getaway and launched him in front of Pro driver James Birch in the Samsung car and right onto the tail of Reline Driver Victor Jimenez. He then chose to go to the outside of turn one in an effort to slingshot out on the left hand side of Jimenez but on the inside for the following left hander allowing him to take the place. The manoeuvre proved to be a little ambitious as his extra speed carried him wide and onto the grass.

Having recovered to the black stuff Pete had lost ground to the pack put quickly got back up to speed. He set consistent times throughout the race and was able to dip into the 1.26’s, which was the objective before the race. His only real competition was with Birch in front of him. Birch pulled a gap of ten seconds before spinning and allowing Pete to catch him up. It wasn’t enough though as Pete crossed the line five seconds behind Birch having claimed his third ProAm 2 win of the year.

“It was a bit of a lonely race,” said Pete. “ I made a mistake on the second lap which put a gap between me and the guys in front. James made a couple of mistakes which gave me the sniff of a race and I seemed to hold the gap which gave me optimism that we’re not that far off in terms of pace.” 

Peter drove much better this race and it helps with his motivation.” Added team boss Paul Robe. “He put in some quick times and he had some more aggression in him and that bodes well.”

He now leads the ProAm 2 class by 32 points from Will Goff.