Peter Kyle-Henney in the wet during Brands Hatch testingAs always in motorsport the weather plays a crucial role, today was no exception with Parr Motorsport experiencing very different conditions in both free practice sessions. As the cars rolled out to begin the first session the sun was out and beating down on a damp track.

The cars explored the limits initially on wet tyres before changing on to slick when a dry line emerged. With the changeable conditions the chances of the drivers getting any useful data for the weekend was limited. The second session started at five minutes past two but an hour before the heavens opened and soaked the track meaning all the drivers were able to get some full wet running in for the first time since Knockhill testing in August.

“It was pretty wet,” said Peter Kyle-Henney. “It’s nice to drive in the wet but you’ve got to have confidence when you transition from the Indy circuit to the GP loop because there is quite a change of grip levels. It slides around all over the place so it’s having the confidence to push the car.”

The Grand Prix loop is only used for a few weekend’s during the year and the lack of use results on a more grippy surface. Never-the-less the drivers were having to feel their way around in the testing conditions.

“This afternoon worked well,” said Pepe. “I got fifteen or sixteen laps in which are my first laps on this track with this car. At the beginning I was P3 but we used the tyres a just before it began raining again. I did a good time but the other guys ran when the track was better so two guys improved and I was P5. It’s not too bad for my first time here and I’m looking forward to improving as a driver and with the car as I work with the team so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

On the combined times Pepe was eighth overall with Peter lining up in thirteenth. Pepe lost out on running in the first session but the wet afternoon will stand the team in good stead for the anticipated wet qualifying tomorrow.

“It was a very mixed day,” concluded team boss Paul Robe. “Everything went well in the second session and the drivers got a good run at the track. We’re very happy with where the car is and we’re ready for qualifying. Peter did well too, he is still learning to drive these cars in very, very difficult conditions but he did well.”

Qualifying starts at midday on Saturday.