Peter Kyle-Henney takes doubel Silverstdone polePeter Kyle-Henney set a very impressive pace to dominate qualifying for rounds 13 & 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Silverstone. The Hampshire-based driver drove flat out to set a time seven tenths of a second faster than his nearest rival. An incredible feat when you consider that the gap from first to 14th place on the grid was under a second.

Team mate Sean Hudspeth meanwhile put in a solid performance to take two third places in the ProAm1 grid. His time was just a tenth of a second off the ProAm1 class and he will line up on the grid next to Porsche Scholar and professional class driver Charlie Eastwood.


Peter Kyle-Henney – ProAm2 pole Position for round 13 & 14

“Fantastic! What can I say? I’m delighted. It was a really difficult call to go out in the greasy, damp conditions in free practice and I just took the decision not to do that because I just knew that if I had to start relearning a different line it would take me longer to unwind it. This morning when it started to rain I thought it might have been a bad call but as it was dry it came to me. It’s easier to race from pole position than from the back. There is a little bit to be learnt from the data on the entry to turn two as lots of people were locking up and perhaps we can get an edge that way.”


Josh Webster – Driver Coach 

Peter is just hooked in this weekend. I think the test on Wednesday helped and just sitting out the wet practice session was a good idea as the dry lines and braking areas were fresh in his head. I’m really happy for him as he is on pole by some distance so I think he is confident now in the car at the limit. It’s a great job by the team. We had both diffs apart last night so the guys were up quite late. It was a big team effort. Sean is P3 and only a tenth of ProAm1 pole, it is so close and I think we can race for a class win tomorrow.”


Paul Robe – Team Principal

“I’m very happy, it’s brilliant. Pete did a mega job and we really couldn’t have expected him to do more. We would never have thought he would have done a 56.8, it’s the fastest he has ever been around here by a big fat margin. When we tested here the other day we were happy with a 57.3 and we hoped that we could replicate that. It’s stunning. He’s playing in the ProAm1 class so we’re over the moon. Sean has also gone a bit quicker and I’m really pleased because he is mixing it with the pros. He’s right there now and we can move forward.”