Pepe Massot at CroftParr Motorsport carried its winning ways over from Le Mans with new signing Pepe Massot taking a ProAm1 win on his Carrera Cup debut. To add to the silverware Peter Kyle-Henney took second in ProAm2.

After the changeable conditions of qualifying the race got underway in clear conditions minus third place qualifier, and championship leader, Michael Meadows after his shunt in qualifying caused too much damage for his team to repair for the race.

Pete had a good start to maintain position off the line but Pepe was not able to follow suit and lost two positions. “. I cooked my tyres off the line. It was a really bad start. I didn’t quite have the biting point of the clutch so I lost a few positions.” Said Pepe.

Pepe was soon flying however passing Paul Donkin for fifth into Tower. He then set about chasing down ProAm1 rival Justin Sherwood but he would only have to wait three more laps. Justin pulled into the pits on lap four and retirement, handing the class lead and fourth place to Pepe. Hw would maintain his position to the flag despite coming under increasing pressure from guest driver Ollie Millroy in the closing stages.

“I was focusing on my turn in and getting good corner exits,” said Pepe. “It was tough defending but I’m really happy with everything, the team is super professional and it gives me good encouragement.”

Meanwhile Peter had Steve Liquorish in his sights and was hunting him down in ProAm2. The gap was just half a second for a number of laps until he was able to pressure his rival into an error. On lap eight Peter put his nose to the right on the entry to the chicane and Liquorish covered, hitting the tyres in the process. The hit resulted in instant retirement and second place went to Peter. Paul Donkin had amassed too much of a lead for Peter to overcome by then and with his tyres going off he settled for second.

“We got the pace together and we were determined to chase Steve down,” said Peter. ”We pushed him really hard and he unfortunately made a little error but I know I had the pace on him. By lap ten or eleven I didn’t have any tyres at all so I was having to defend but it was a really good race.”

Team boss Paul Robe was happy with the team’s performance. “It was a very good race. Pepe made a bit of a mistake off the line and just didn’t get away which was his first start so just one of those things. He did well to recover and win the class and put his name well and truly on the Carrera Cup map. “

“Peter had a brilliant drive, absolutely first class. He found some pace, he felt he struggled in qualifying but his race craft enabled him to put the pressure on and it helped him in the championship no end. Tomorrow is another day but we learnt a lot.“