Paul Rees in race twoThe Parr Motorsport entries Paul Rees and Mark Cole had a solid end to their 2015 campaigns bringing their cars home to points finishes but both were disappointed, feeling there was more on offer from the final race of the year.

Paul Rees got a good start in his Sopra Steria-branded car to just two places off the grid. He would then spend the rest of the race embroiled in a race long battle with Tom Bradshaw, Stephen Jelley and 2014 champion Josh Webster that would see him cross the line to finish eighth.

“We changed the car dramatically and made a step forward,” said Paul. “We got a good start and managed to get past Josh and then I was held up a little bit by Tom Bradshaw and Stephen Jelley in the opening laps, I got close and tried to make a couple of moved but wasn’t able to pull it off. I then had Josh all over me so had him to deal with as well as trying to get past the two in front. It felt like no time at all before we were lapping the back markers and that threw a spanner in the works. It was a big improvement over race one but  I feel like I’ve got unfinished business in Carrera Cup GB and it just proves you’ve got to have the best package for sure.”

Mark Cole meanwhile had a much more dramatic race having been hit entering he second corner. The touch would send him wide with two further incidents of contact sending him onto the grass and into a spin. He was able to recover but was a long way down the pack so it was a case of making as much progress as he could in the remaining sixteen laps.

“That wasn’t very good really was it?” commented Mark. “There was quite a lot of contact in the early lap but that wasn’t me being on the receiving end rather than dishing out. I got hit on the way up into Druids, then got hit in the corner thinking ‘right, that must be finished’ and then got hit on the way out and sent into a spin. I’ve not quite sure who it was, it have been a concertina effect but I was hit a lot and spun out so I had to come from the back which was fairly boring. On the plus side I was delivering lap times at the end in clean air that matched up with the front pace so we’ve made some moves forward in my driving. Hopefully my sponsors are happy with the podium earlier in the day and enjoyed themselves.”

Despite the drama and close racing leading to both drivers achieving results far below their potential team boss Paul Robe enjoyed the final race of the year. “It was a very exciting end to the season,” said Paul. “Both driver drove well. Mark had some bad luck at the beginning of the race getting hit but came back through the field and got fifth in his class and really was good. Unfortunately in this game if you get hit there is nothing you can do. He was put on the grass and it wasn’t a good start but in the end his attitude and his driving has improved this weekend much more than in previous races so he has moved forward which is very pleasing. Paul also had a good race and didn’t get hit as he did in race one. He put in a good, solid performance to a point where by he was fighting with three guys for fifth and they were all top drivers so it was very close."