Rees flies in race twoParr Motorsport drivers Paul Rees and Mark Cole both showed their pace during round 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB from Silverstone to score solid top five positions in their classes.

Track limits would prove to be the story of the race however as both drivers felt they were unfairly penalised for the infringement that knocked them down the order, preventing them from mounting a challenge on the cars ahead. 

“I think it is completely unfair that they took a position away from me,” said Paul. “ I maybe used two centimetres more than I should have when I know for a fact that I was following Dan Cammish for every single lap of the race and he did exactly the same as I did. I’m really disappointed that they did that. I’m pretty unhappy. We’ve got to move forward as a team because I gave absolutely everything, at one point I was reeling them in but it’s because they were battling away. The car can't go any faster, I was driving at 150%.”

Paul got a good start off the line for the rolling start and was challening in the opening laps of the race. Just in front of him Tom Sharp and Jayde Kruger were fighting and came together into Brooklands allowing Paul to move past them both for fifth place. He would later benefit when leaders Josh Webster and Michael Meadows clashed at the same corner, sending Meadows spinning down the order. This placed Paul fifth on the road however the five second penalty for track limits would send Paul back behind Kruger in the results. He would later gain fifth back as Josh Webster was penalised for contact with Meadows and pushed back to seventh in the results.

Mark Cole endured similar luck starting from second on the grid in the ProAm1 class. He made good progress off the line but became a victim of other people’s misfortunes which ultimately ruined his race.

“I made a nice start and was up to ninth ahead of Bradshaw,” said Mark. “Then I took a slap in the side from Gelzinis because I was on the outside at Becketts. I don’t know where that came from, he was possibly hit but that wiggled me about a bit and I lost a place or two. Down the straight I was looking okay and then Jelley spun and out and of all the group he was in my trajectory so I lost another two places and that’s how it stayed because it is so close. We just raced around and watched, the guys in front moved away from me initially by then came back to me later in the race as it is in Carrera Cup these days. It’s a bit of bad luck.”

“Paul had a pretty good start.” added team boss Paul Robe. “Unfortunately we got penalised for track limits which is a big shame. He’s trying very hard and it sometimes happens but he did very well. Mark similarly got penalised for track limits but the guy in front did as well so it balanced things out. He came very close to getting taken out during the race but was fortunate enough to be able to get a result. So lets roll on and get to Brands Hatch.”

The final races of the 2015 season take place at Brands Hatch in Kent on the 10th & 11th October.