Peter Kyle-Henney at Brands Hatch GP race two“I think there is a bit of unfinished business,” declared Peter Kyle-Henney after finishing second in ProAm2, losing the championship by a single point. It was however an incredible result after racing in conditions that kept the entire field guessing.

It started to rain as the cars were going to the grid, the wet weather tyres were readied in the pits in case they were required. As the cars roared over the line for their last rolling start of the year the rain was definitely increasing. Both Parr Motorsport cars got good starts to hold position off the line, Pepe managing to snatch fourth from fellow Spaniard Victor Jimenez into Surtees. Peter meanwhile was controlling the ProAm2 pack from the front.

Just after mid-distance though the rain was sufficient for the leader to pit for wet weather tyres with Pepe Massot following suit. Peter stopped a few laps after from the ProAm2 lead but rival Steve Liquorish opted to stay out. From then on it was about using the wet tyre to it’s maximum to regain time and position.

“When you’re on the circuit you have to make that call,” said Peter. Sadly the performance benefit was not enough to overhaul the black Porsche of Liquorish and Peter would cross the line in second place. “It couldn’t have been closer between Steve and I and somebody has to win. At the end of the day Steve gambled, if the rain had come it would have been mine but as it is it’s his day today.” 

“It was a really tough day,” added Paul Robe. “Going into the last round with Peter he had to just win it but the conditions were amazing and very, very tough. He made the call to go onto the wet tyre and because of the greasiness of the circuit it really didn’t make enough difference. That’s motor racing though. It’s such a tough game and to come second by one point after an entire season of racing is fantastic.”

The race went much the same way for Pepe after his stop for wet tyres on lap nine. With eight laps remaining he put in some solid times and overtook two cars but could only manage ninth place when the flag fell on the last race of the season.

“It wasn’t the place I expected to finish today but I worked so hard in the first part of the race,” said Pepe. “I made one or two places at the start, I was battling hard and I was on the pace of Meadows and Webster. I was catching them but the guys behind were pushing hard. I made the decision to stop and it was a situation of being a hero or a zero. In the end it didn’t rain hard enough but that’s how it is.”

“We knew we had nothing to lose with the conditions changing dramatically, said Paul Robe. “If the weather had played the game as he though it was going to he potentially would have finished in P2 but it didn’t work that way. The rain didn’t come and therefore the wet tyre didn’t give us the performance increase that we had hoped. It’s very, very difficult but he’s done well.”