From a winter health check, car covers, trickle chargers, winter tyres, cleaning and body work protection products Parr can keep your Porsche in the best condition even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. For further advice on maintaining your Porsche through the winter months please discuss your requirements with our service team. In the mean time we have compiled a check list for your reference: 

Keeping your Porsche on the road:
Check all fluid levels.
Check antifreeze concentration.
Check Tyres/change to winter tyres.
Check screen wash strength.
Check wiper condition.
Check battery condition.
Protect radiators from leaves and debris by fitting protective grill sets.
Improve headlight performance by refurbisishing discoloured light lenses.
Protect your paintwork with suitable wax & sealants.
Preparing your Porsche for hibernation:
Check all fluid levels.
Check antifreeze concentration.
Use a battery maintainer.
Clean and protect paintwork & rubber seals.
Use a breathable car cover.
Do not leave handbrake engaged. Use chocks and leave in gear.
Clean storage area and use pest control to prevent unwanted damage.
Fill fuel tank with fresh fuel to avoid moisture build up.
Lubricate all locks and hinges.
If your car is being stored for long periods of time you may want to consider putting on axle stands to prevent flat spotting of the tyres.
To discuss any of the above or arrange your free winter check please call our service team.