Engine & Gearbox

Engine & Gearbox


Porsche Engine Rebuild

Parr prides itself on its exceptional Porsche knowledge and no better place can this experience be applied than in our engine and gearbox department. With our dedicated technicians and purpose built engine facility we are able to build engine and gearboxes to exacting specifications.  Parr guarantees all work on its precision builds using the latest equipment and best suppliers to deliver engine and gearboxes that excede expectations. Please take the time to view our engine and gearbox gallery detailing just a small cross section of the type of work we have carried out.


Porsche Engine Services

  • Engine Testing-Power tests, compression tests and bore scoping. If you suspect a problem or just wish to check the health of your Porsche engine please contact us to discuss.
  • Air Cooled – Parr are able to offer everything from an overhaul to cure minor oil leaks all the way through to bespoke increased capacity conversions and full restorations.
  • Water Cooled – All repairs including bore scoring and associated cylinder work/replacement.
  • IMS prevention/repairs – Parr can offer a competively priced Intermediate Shaft Bearing upgrade further details on this problem can be seen here
  • Upgrades – Increased capacity conversions, turbocharging, Cylinder head work and renovation
  • Race Engines –  Parr has been involved with the Porsche Carrera Cup race series since its inception and having been Porsche technical partner we understand how to get the best from a race engine. Whether you have a historic Porsche or the latest Porsche Motorsport engine Parr can maintain, rebuild or upgrade it.
  • All work undertaken can be tested in our in house dyno cell including controlled running in, diagnostic work, mapping and power testing.

Porsche Gearbox Services

As with our engines Parr can offer a full range of gearbox services from an overhaul to transmission upgrades.

  • Rebuilds
  • Upgrades – Alternative gear kits, Differential upgrades, Sequential shift systems, oil coolers
  • Motorsport – Servicing, gear kits/Crown wheel & pinions, paddle shift systems, Parr/Quaife replacement sequential gearbox 

Porsche Engine & Gearbox Gallery

As with all services that Parr offer we aim to deliver what the customer wants so please discuss your individual requirements with our service team on 01293 537 911.

  • 997 RSR Gearbox Components
  • 997 C2 Gearbox Repair
  • 997 C2 Gearbox Repair
  • 997 RSR Gearbox Rebuild
  • 997 GT3 Cup Gearbox Rebuild
  • 997 RSR Gears
  • 997 RSR Gearbox
  • 996 GT3 RS 3.9l Engine Conversion
  • 2.7RS Rebuild
  • 2.7RS Rebuild
  • 2.7RS Rebuild
  • 2.7RS Rebuild
  • 2.7RST Rebuild & Renovation
  • 930 Turbo Rebuild & Renovation
  • 930 Turbo
  • 930 Turbo Renovation
  • 930 Turbo Build
  • Cayenne Turbo Scored Bore Engine Repair
  • Cayenne Piston & Repaired Block
  • Cayenne Block Repair For Scored Bore
  • Early RSR Box Restoration & Upgrade
  • Early RSR Box Restoration & Upgrade
  • 1973 2.8 RSR Engine Restoration
  • 1973 2.8 RSR Rebuild & Renovation
  • Failed Intermediate Shaft Bearing
  • Intermediate Shaft Bearing in Situ
  • Cayman Turbo Engine Upgrade
  • 911 996 Turbo Power Kit Conversion
  • 915 Gearbox Gear Set
  • Engine Washer
  • Refurbished Cylinder Head & Barrel
  • Cylinder Head Porting
  • Cylinder Head Failure
  • 915 Gearbox End Case Modification For oil Pump Drive
  • 3.8 Litre GT3 Engine Build
  • Cayman Scored Bore
  • Porsche Engine Scored Bore Repair
  • Cayman Scored Bore Repair
  • Cayman Cylinder Hone
  • Cayman Block Preparation
  • Cayman Cylinder Liner
  • Boxster Second Gear Synchro Repair
  • Boxster Gearbox Rebuild
  • 997 RSR Broken Crankshaft
  • Gear Wear