Adjustable Ball Bearing Short Throw Shifter


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Part Number: SS9020NM

CARGRAPHIC's state of the art ball bearing adjustable short throw shifter for Porsche is setting a new standard in the performance parts industry. It is now being reserved by the largest distributors and racing teams in the world. This incredible piece of machinery includes a multi-adjustable shift lever for various shifters throws and adjustable cable mono blocks for optional lever placement. Its evolutionary structure is made from aerospace grade aluminium, reinforced with stainless steel hardware and equipt with precision ball bearings to secure undeniable accuracy.

There is no modification necessary when installing the ball bearing short throw shifter. It is a complete direct replacement totally eliminating the OEM housing fitting perfectly under the center console. This short throw shifter is built for an everyday daily driver or a fully race ready GT cup car and installs in just under an hour by a mechanic.  It is a one of a kind design that gives you the ultimate precision shifting experience. There is absolutely no other like it on the market and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Adjustable Ball Bearing Short Throw Shifter

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