Chassis Engineering

Parr Chassis Engineering

Parr can offer bespoke Porsche suspension engineering. We offer a range of services from base line settings for the track day enthusiast through to full vehicle dynamic analysis for race applications. Parr has the experience of many successful racing campaigns to back our highly trained technicians and engineers to optimise your cars handling. We use a variety of specialist tools to understand and adjust your car. Parr can offer the following services:

Flat Patch with Corner Weight Scales

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As the name suggests the 'flat patch' provides an area that is 100 per cent level. This is necessary to achieve accurate set ups. When you make the smallest of changes to the dampers that in turn has an effect on the ride height, which also affects the geometry and weight distribution of the car.

It is therefore vital that in order for your car to be balanced, all parameters are checked and adjusted together. An engineer can only apply this knowledge after hundreds of hours of experience as every model of car has different characteristics.

Electronic scales on the flat patch lie under each wheel. These provide accurate readings of each corner weight of the vehicle so technicians can check that it's correctly balanced. To re-adjust the balance of the car, technicians alter the damper platform height of each corner to amend the ride height and re-distribute the weight.

JRZ Race Dampers

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Dampers control the movement of the wheels with respect to the road surface and this determines some of the force on the tyre, contact patches and the amount of grip the tire generates. Dampers, as well as the springs and anti-roll bars, also control the movement of the chassis with respect to the wheels as the chassis rolls.

So the dampers have a critical influence on the ultimate grip generated by the car and also on how the car feels to the driver. JRZ can offer, through Parr, a variety of different dampers depending on the application and budget. Parr then use these adjustable dampers and create a bespoke set up for your car and driving preferences.

Damper Dyno

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The damper dynamometer is designed to allow accurate performance measurements to be made for all types of hydraulic dampers. Our Engineer, using this tool, can take the guesswork out of damper set-up. The dyno allows quick and accurate performance graphs to be made, so that dampers can be compared and matched, or tuned for diagnosing faulty or ageing dampers, providing graphical and numerical proof. Damper dynamometers actuate a damper under test and measure its force response as a function of the position and velocity of the test profile.

Parr can simulate a multitude of conditions depending on use. Oil, bad seals, or worn parts can all cause a problem with your dampers performance. Dampers wear out like any other mechanism and need to be rebuilt periodically. The dyno can highlight problems with amazing accuracy and also allows you to see the effects of external adjustments on the dampers performance.

Spring Rate Test Equipment

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Just as you test dampers to ensure that the forces delivered are the forces required, springs need to have their rate checked on a high-quality tester. Just because the spring manufacturer claims that a given spring produces a given rate, doesn't mean it actually does.

Parr strive to take the guesswork out of vehicle set up. Why guess when you can know! Even very high quality springs can vary +/- 3%. Parr has invested in the best test equipment to ensure our customers get the best chassis engineering.

Geometry Checks and Changes

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Suspension tuning is a series of compromises, with adjustments having definite positive & negative effects of different aspects of the vehicle's handling performance.

At Parr we ensure that your car is working how it should on road and track. By making controlled changes to the vehicles geometry we can help you to get the best performance from the chassis.

Baseline Set Ups

Baseline Set Ups

Parr offers baseline set-ups for fast road/trackday use. The standard geometry configuration is always compromised to cater for a wide range of driving styles and applications. Parr can increase your track day experience by making geometry changes that will improve the cars feel and on track performance.

Track Support

Track Support

For customers wishing to hone car set up and make changes trackside Parr can offer a bespoke engineering service. This service is a good way of perfecting your cars handling using the experience of Parr engineers and the latest set up tools.

Parr can provide a wide range of support services from a support engineer through to full track preparation and running.