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ECU Mapping

In most cases, Parr remaps your Porsche ECU via the On Board Diagnostic port requiring no hardware changes to the car. Maps can be altered depending on the level of modification to your Porsche to optimise power gains. The remap is carefully developed to provide the ideal engine characteristics and power gains while maintaining all the standard engine protection functions. The maps are completely reversible and Parr keep an archive of your standard map.

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Please see the Porsches we can currently performance map and prices. If your Porsche is not listed or you wish to find out more information please contact us as we are developing new maps constantly.

Also Included in the fitted price:

  • Parr Performance filter
  • Archive of original map

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Call us on 01293 537 911 to book an appointment for Parr to remap your ECU.

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In addition to Parr's own ECU maps we are pleased to offer the full list of Superchips maps for all makes and models.

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