RG5 20"


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Part Number: CCRG55130852053

The CHAMPION Motorsport Monolite RG5 begins its life as a solid disc of high-grade aluminium alloy. 8000 tons of pressure is used to increase material density and tensile strength as it shapes the wheel. Forging makes the metal stronger, therefore the wheel can be made thinner and lighter.

The Monolite RG5 line of ultra light wheels are 100% machined utilizing state of the art computerized precision equipment, which assures even distribution of material across all surfaces. This process may be more involved, but it guarantees expectional tolerances and outstanding quality. Cast wheels are only partially machined, leaving behind uneven raw material which may cause imbalances.

The CHAMPION Motorsport Monolite RG5 is a wheel with unmatched quality and trueness, perfectly tailored to your Porsche. Aside from their dramtic good looks, benefits include:

Reduced unprung weight:
Unsprung weights is one of the most critical  factors affecting a vehicle's road handling ability. It includes the components not supported by the suspension (i.e. wheel, tyres and brakes)and therefor is most susceptible to road shock and cornering forces. By reducing unsprung weight, forged alloy wheels provide more precise steering input and improved handling.

Enhanced acceleration and braking:
Reducing the weight of the vehicles rotational mass, forged alloy wheels provide more responsive acceleration and bra´king.

Better handling / added rigidity:
The added strength of a quality forged alloy wheel can be significantly reduce wheel/tire deflection in cornering. This is particularly critical with a vehicle equipped with high performance tires where lateral forces may approach 1.0G

Unmatched balance and trueness:
100% CNC machining ensures flawless geometry and a precise, aesthetic finish. A perfectly round wheel makes for near perfect balancing of the wheels and tyres.

CHAMPION Motorsport RG5 forged alloy wheels are TÜV approved and distributed in Europe by CARGRAPHIC Thomas Schnarr GmbH

RG5 20"

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