Sport Catalytic Converter Set


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Sport catalytic converter set 
for Porsche 997.2 Turbo / Turbo S Mk2 DFI 

Precision lasercut stainless steel flanges connect into the catalytic converter inlet cones with 2x Tri-metal big volume 200 cell highflow HD catalytic converters 
fully OBD2 compliant. No CEL (Check Engine Light)
and No DME / ECU programming required

Outlet cone connects to sized sleeve fit pipe for fitment with OE / factory rear silencer.

16kW (21PS) more power and 25Nm additional torque

New modular design with the possibility of interchanging
components. Developed for maximum flow this unique
CARGRAPHIC part creates the following further advantages:
- Reduced backpressure
- Reduced temperature
- Maximized performance
- Enhanced sound
- Weight reduction 
- Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for accurate
   plain fit

Sport Catalytic Converter Set

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