Sport Rear Silencer


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Sport Rear Silencer for Porsche 997 MK1 Turbo
Completely made from the highest quality stainless steel the sport rear silencer system contains a Catalytic converter replacement pipe set. Without the catalytic converter set it is no longer OBD2 compliant and the ECU must be reprogrammed.

Further evidence of improvements made, are recognised through an enhanced acoustic and a significant weight reduction.
Strenghtened brackets as well as the olive-and slide system ensure an exact adjustment, which guarantees a stressless installation.

19kW(25bhp) more power and 30Nm additional torque

The system includes:
1x catalytic converter replacement pipe set
1x absorptive silencer set
1x Heat Shield set
2x Holding Straps + Aeroquip coupling kit

The exhaust fits the original or CARGRAPHIC double end tailpipe sets, which are available in two sizes.

Tailpipe set - 2x 89mm round
Tailpipe set - 2x 88x77mm oval

Sport Rear Silencer

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