Porsche Car Sales

Porsche Car Sales

Parr offer a number of exceptional quality Porsche car sales which benefit from our years of extensive maintenance and preparation knowledge. All our approved cars come with our porsche warranty that guarantees trouble free motoring.


We have been established since 1984 and we are focused on Porsche car sales, servicing and repair. As a Porsche dealer Parr aim to be the next best alternative to a main dealer and we prepare our cars for sale to a main Porsche dealer standard.


We will only ever offer Porsches approved by our experienced technicians and that pass our comprehensive checks. All of our Porsche sales that we offer will undergo our pre-sales inspection process to ensure that it matches the quality that our customers have come to expect.


Our second hand Porsche sales also come with a generous and exclusive Parr warranty that will guarantee trouble free motoring to give you that extra piece of mind.


Parr's Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can give you the peace of mind that, in the event your vehicle has an unexpected breakdown, this policy will contribute to the cost of getting you going again.


  • Parr only offers Porsches that pass our comprehensive checks before sale  
  • Parr gives customers peace of mind that all our approved Porsches come with a generous, exclusive Parr Warranty that guarantees trouble free motoring
  • Parr brings customers over 25 years of Porsche Experience
  • All cars available to view at Parr
  • Sale or return service for customer cars

    Our aim is to make your life long dream come true to buy that used Porsche 911 and have a fantastic experience whilst owning one of these amazing examples of the Porsche marque.

    Porsche Car Sales