Porsche Modifications

Porsche Modifications

Porsche are trusted internationally when it comes to making automobiles. Unfortunately for Porsche when they made your car it had to perform in a varied set of conditions and circumstances. This means that the way your car was set up in the factory may not be best for your driving experience.


With Porsche modifications from Parr we can remove the limitations set on factory models and get your pride and joy personalised the way you desire.


Tuning and performance is a cornerstone of the Parr business and we offer a wide range of performance parts and servicing for all models of Porsche as well as many other manufacturers.


We have been working on porsche models in motorsport for over 25 years and this gives us a distinct advantage when helping clients with porsche modifications. This racing pedigree gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors and allows us to tailor your Porsche’s driving experience exactly to your daily needs.


Our workshop is fitted out with industry leading equipment and all of Parr's technicians are fully qualified so you can relax knowing your car is in capable hands.


Our Porsche upgrades are available on our online performance catalogue but our knowledgeable staff are at hand to help advise you on the setup that suits the needs of you and your Porsche.


Call us on 01293 537 911 for more information on Porsche accessories, modifications and upgrades.