Croft 2009

Bridgman takes double Carrera Cup pole at Croft

Media release: 13 June 2009

Tim Bridgman completed his record-breaking run of pole positions in the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB by making it 10 poles from 10 races at Croft today (Saturday 13 June 2009).

While Bridgman again topped the overall qualifying times, Glynn Geddie bagged a double pro-am1 pole and Paul Hogarth completed the set by going fastest in pro-am2 for both of Sunday's races.

"This isn't my strongest circuit, so I'm really, really pleased," said Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) after extending his run of 2009 pole position to 10 on the run. "At the start of the season I didn't expect to be on pole at Oulton Park or here. We played it safe and it paid off."

However, it was incredibly close among the leading times, with less than a quarter of a second covering the top four. Chasing Bridgman were Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) who took second and fourth places for the two grids, James Sutton (Red Line Racing) who was third and second, and Tim Harvey (Red Line Racing) with fourth and third places. "Tim's got a tenth or two, but any of the three of us could have been second," said Harvey.

Fifth fastest overall and top of pro-am1 for both races was Geddie (Team Parker Racing) on the anniversary of his Carrera Cup debut in 2008. While the Scottish teenager was happy to be fifth, he was slightly disappointed to be just over half a second away from the leading quartet. "I was hoping to be closer to the top guys," said Geddie. "I didn't have a really good session and there is a bit more to come."

Completing the top six for both races was Tom Bradshaw (Team Parker Racing), but he also felt his session could have been better. "It's not great, to be honest. It wasn't as good as testing yesterday." Chasing Bradshaw, and second in pro-am1, was Robert Lawson (JHR), but he also felt he should have been quicker. "I was struggling for grip all round; it's not quite there," he said.

"That's my best overall qualifying so far," said Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) after posting eighth best time for both sessions, while Red Line Racing team mates Lewis Hopkins and Tony Gilham rounded out the top 10, with their positions reversed for round ten.

There is some great racing in prospect in pro-am2 as Hogarth (IN2Racing) takes on Celtic Speed drivers George Brewster and Bob Lyons. With only half a second covering the three cars, there should be an excellent race within a race. "That was a very good session," said Hogarth, who was then flying back to Cheshire by helicopter for a friend's 50th birthday party on Saturday evening.

Bridgman wins Carrera Cup round nine at Croft

Media release: 14 June 2009

Tim Bridgman swept to a fine victory in round nine of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Croft today (Sunday 14 June 2009). Bridgman led from the start to fend off the early challenge of James Sutton, while Robert Lawson won pro-am1 and George Brewster claimed pro-am2 spoils on his Carrera Cup debut.

Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) headed the pack into the first corner from pole position, but further back there was drama as the closely packed field stormed into the tight right-hander at Clervaux. Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) lost out the most and limped to the pits to retire with damage to the rear of the car. Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing) and Derek Pierce (JHR) made contact and spun into the infield, while Paul Hogarth (IN2Racing) was also badly delayed.

There was no such trouble up front as Bridgman headed Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance), Sutton (Red Line Racing), Tim Harvey (Red Line Racing) and Tom Bradshaw (Team Parker Racing). This quintet quickly established itself at the front of the race and Bridgman started to edge clear as Sutton dived ahead of Caine, with Harvey on their tail and Bradshaw, in one of his best races to date, going after them.

"I just kept pushing the whole race through," said Bridgman, who steadily extended his lead to score his third win on the run and take the championship lead from Harvey. "It's an important result for me, to carry on from Oulton Park. We're just focused on winning races."

In Bridgman's wake, Sutton, Caine and Harvey spent much of the race running nose-to-tail, but the cars were so evenly matched that the places did not change. "Tim just had a little edge on us," said Sutton, who was suffering badly with hay fever. "I was struggling with the rear tyres as the race wore on, so had to concentrate on Tim behind me rather than James in front," reported Caine.

Bradshaw chased them home to take fifth, while Lawson (JHR) had to race hard in the early laps to fend off Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) in the battle for pro-am1 victory. "Glynn Geddie had a moment at the first corner and handed the lead of pro-am1 to me," said Lawson. "Then I just had to look after my tyres," said the local racer after his fifth pro-am1 win. Jackson pushed hard, but over-worked his tyres by mid-distance and soon came under great pressure from Lewis Hopkins (Red Line Racing). In his best Carrera Cup race to date, Hopkins later battled ahead of Jackson to take seventh place, while Jackson still bagged second in pro-am1 with the recovering Gilham fighting back to third.

The pro-am2 contest was also affected by the first corner incidents and that helped Brewster (Celtic Speed) take a decisive lead to win the category and make it six pro-am2 winners in nine races. "That's fantastic; I felt a bit under pressure, but I made a good start," said Brewster. Hogarth recovered to take second in pro-am2 with Bob Lyons (Celtic Speed) completing the podium.

After the race, Bradshaw and Gilham were penalised two penalty points on their race licences and two championship points following the first corner incidents.

Sutton wins Carrera Cup round ten at Croft

Media release: 14 June 2009

James Sutton mastered some very tough conditions to win round ten of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Croft today (Sunday 14 June 2009). Sutton headed Michael Caine at the front of the race as rain made the track very slippery, while Robert Lawson (pro-am1) and George Brewster (pro-am2) completed double wins.

Although the cars initially went to the grid on slicks, the rain arrived in time for everyone to switch to wets for a shortened 12-lap race. Poleman Tim Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) had the task of setting the pace on the opening lap and soon found the water running across the track at Tower. He slid wide as Sutton (Red Line Racing) and Caine (Motorbase Performance) dived ahead. Bridgman then had more drama at Sunny when he slid side again and was down in eighth by the end of the opening lap.

Sutton now led with Caine as a major threat, while Tim Harvey (Red Line Racing) and Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) took third and fourth. However, Geddie's frustrating weekend continued when a marker cone flicked up and damaged his car's radiator, forcing him into the pits.

Caine chased Sutton until the decisive moment came on lap seven when Caine spun on the exit of the Esses. "I couldn't see through the spray and I just touched the white line," said Caine of the incident. Harvey briefly nipped into second, but Caine was quickly back ahead and chasing after Sutton once more. Though the gap came down, it was too big for Caine to catch Sutton in the laps available.

Sutton, meanwhile, was battling the conditions at the head of the race. "You'd come round one lap and it was fantastic, but on the next lap you were aquaplaning," he said. Despite the conditions, Sutton claimed a fine victory; his second of the season. "I was pushed all the way by Michael, even after his moment," said the race winner.

Caine clinched second from Harvey, knowing that his team had got the car set-up extremely well for the conditions. Behind Harvey, Lawson (JHR) drove a fine race to complete a pro-am1 double on his home track. "I couldn't see anything! There was standing water at Tower," said Lawson after a performance that clinched the 'driver of the weekend' award.

Bridgman clawed his way back to fifth to retain a slender overall championship lead, while Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) had another strong run to take sixth overall and second in pro-am1. Motorbase was announced as 'team of the weekend'. Aaron Slight (Porsche Motorsport) and Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing) took seventh and eighth from Brewster (Celtic Speed), the pro-am2 winner. "I didn't really do anything to win; the other guys lost it," he said of the category. Notably, Paul Hogarth (IN2Racing) spun out of the lead at Tower, but recovered to take second from Bob Lyons (Celtic Speed).