Silverstone 2009

Bridgman takes double Carrera Cup pole at Silverstone

Media release: 29 August 2011

Tim Bridgman took a double pole position for rounds 15 and 16 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone today (Saturday 29 August 2009). Meanwhile, Glynn Geddie topped pro-am1 for both races and series newcomer John Gaw headed pro-am2.

By taking pole for both races and therefore two championship points, it was an important session for Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) who pared Tim Harvey's overall lead to just two points. "We got the job done on one set of tyres and we've got that nice little cushion again," said Bridgman.  "I'm just going to go for two wins; the safest place to be is in the lead."

To add to Bridgman's joy, arch-rival Harvey (Red Line Racing) will start fourth for both races, right behind Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) and James Sutton (Red Line Racing). Caine will be second on the grid for round 15, while Sutton will start second for round 16. "There are three of us two-tenths off Tim Bridgman; it could have been second and it could have been fourth," said Harvey of the session.

Both Caine and Sutton are confident ahead of the races, but recognise that the races will be very hard fought. "It's all so close around here," said Caine of the Silverstone National circuit. "I know we've got a good race car," said Sutton.

Another superb performance from Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) netted fifth overall and top pro-am1 slot on both grids. "We did what we needed to do; that's two more points," said Geddie as he battles to narrow the gap to pro-am1 leader Robert Lawson (JHR). However, Geddie is far from clear in pro-am1 as Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing) and Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) both qualified less than a fifth of a second adrift of the young Scot. "We've saved the tyres for the races, so we're in good shape," reported Gilham. "It's going to be an interesting race; there's nothing in it," said Jackson.

Right up among the leading pro-am1 times was pro-am2 pacesetter John Gaw (Team Kinfaun) after a hugely impressive performance ahead of his first Carrera Cup race. He qualified seventh overall for round 15 and tenth overall for round 16. "That was perfect; better than expected," said Gaw. "The car is beautiful and I'm really looking forward to the races."

Karl Leonard (Team Parker Racing) was second best in pro-am2 for both races, while Paul Hogarth (IN2 Racing) and Glenn McMenamin (Parr Motorsport) shared third and fourth slots in the category. With Gaw and Leonard not in the running for the pro-am2 title, the battle between Hogarth, McMenamin and Bob Lyons (Celtic Speed) will be central to their season-long championship contest.

Sutton wins Carrera Cup round 15 at Silverstone

Media release: 29 August 2011

James Sutton scored a last gasp victory in round 15 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone today (Saturday 29 August 2009), passing race-long leader Tim Bridgman in traffic on the final lap of the race. Glynn Geddie took a resounding pro-am1 victory while Karl Leonard clinched pro-am2 spoils.

Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) led from the start as second qualifier Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) was jumped by Red Line Racing team mates Sutton and Tim Harvey off the line. With Sutton his ever-present shadow, Bridgman drove a faultless race to lead all the way to the final lap. Then, as they raced into Copse they caught the battle between Paul Hogarth (IN2 Racing) and Glenn McMenamin (Parr Motorsport) for second in pro-am2. Bridgman was held up just enough for Sutton to get a run on him out of the corner and dive ahead into Becketts.

"James went round me on the exit of Copse; there wasn't anywhere to go," said a very frustrated Bridgman. "It's something you've got to contend with," said Sutton. "But I'll take a win any way it comes," he added, before shaking hands with Bridgman. Despite losing victory within a mile of the finish of the race, Bridgman moved into equal lead of the championship with Harvey as a result.

For most of the race, Harvey had run with the leading pair, but then as Caine recovered from his slow start he was able to build pressure on Harvey for third. "I think Michael had the fastest car and I had to defend," said Harvey. "Once I was defending, I lost touch with the first two."

Fifth overall and a dominant pro-am1 winner was Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing), who ran ahead of Caine in the early laps before making certain of pro-am1 victory. "I didn't fight too much with Michael; all I needed was the pro-am1 points," said Geddie after a mature performance. With Robert Lawson (JHR) out of the race after an early clash with Tom Bradshaw (Team Parker Racing), the result put Geddie to the top of the pro-am1 standings.

Second in pro-am1 was the subject of a race-long battle between Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing) and Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance). The places changed twice as Jackson got ahead mid-race, only for Gilham to retake second. "I had a lock up into Becketts and that let Ollie past," said Gilham. "I was slowly catching Geddie before that." "It was very even," said Jackson after taking third in pro-am1. "He just had a bit more drive out of Copse, but it was an excellent race."

There was a dramatic finish at the head of pro-am2 after Karl Leonard (Team Parker Racing) clashed with pro category racer Lewis Hopkins (Red Line Racing) on the final lap after a long battle. Leonard managed to get his car over the line as he bounced along the grass. After the race, their finishing positions were reversed to put Hopkins into eighth overall and Leonard into ninth.

Meanwhile, the battle for second in pro-am2 was the subject of a big struggle between McMenamin and Hogarth. They were seldom more than a few yards apart as McMenamin withstood relentless pressure from his rival to secure the place. "The pressure was unbelievable," said McMenamin. "That was the hardest race yet." "An absolutely fantastic race; I just couldn't get past him," added Hogarth.

Sutton wins Carrera Cup round 16 at Silverstone

Media release: 30 August 2011

James Sutton completed a weekend double with an impressive victory in round 16 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone today (Sunday 30 August 2009). Tim Bridgman took second on the road but was later excluded from the results for his part in an incident that sent his title rival Tim Harvey out of the race. Glynn Geddie took another superb pro-am1 victory while Karl Leonard clinched a weekend double in pro-am2.

Light rain arrived just before the race and sent the cars back to the pits to ponder tyre choice. Eventually, most drivers opted for slicks, but front-runners Michael Caine, Ollie Jackson and Tony Gilham went for wets, which later proved the wrong call as conditions improved slightly.

Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) dropped to fourth off the line behind Sutton (Red Line Racing), Harvey (Red Line Racing) and Caine (Motorbase Performance). However, into Becketts, Bridgman attacked Caine and the cars touched, with Caine spinning. Up front, Sutton went clear as Bridgman set about catching Harvey. As the track got more slippery, Sutton drove a superb race to win as Harvey spent many laps defending from Bridgman. Down to Brooklands for the final time, Bridgman launched a move on Harvey and the cars touched, with Harvey spinning into the gravel. Bridgman took second on the road, but was later excluded from the results and docked eight championship points over the incident.

Ahead of the drama, Sutton completed a fine weekend and earned the 'driver of the weekend' award. "I'm just out to collect as many race wins as I can," said Sutton. "But I had to set the pace in the wet and a little bit of rain on the screen looks like a monsoon!" With a frustrated Harvey in the gravel and Bridgman out of the results, it was Geddie who moved up to a superb second overall and victory in pro-am1.

"That was mega," said Geddie. "But as the race went on the conditions were getting harder," he said. Into a remarkable third overall and pro-am2 victory came Karl Leonard (Team Parker Racing), having battled ahead of Robert Lawson (JHR) and John Gaw (Team Kinfaun) as the race developed. "I'm delighted," said Leonard. "I had a great start and good pace; the car was great thanks to Team Parker Racing." The Parker squad was later confirmed as 'team of the weekend'.

Lawson claimed second in pro-am1 after a good race, while his team mate Derek Pierce ended a run of bad luck with third in the category. Splitting them in the overall results was Gaw after an impressive Carrera Cup debut. "I didn't take any chances," he said of a measured performance. The final pro-am2 podium place went to Paul Hogarth (IN2 Racing) but only after a sterling recovery drive after stalling on the grid. "I gave myself a big handicap and I can't believe I caught Glenn," said Hogarth after passing his title rival Glenn McMenamin (Parr Motorsport).