Snettereton 2009

Harvey and Sutton share Carrera Cup poles at Snetterton

Media release: 1 August 2009

Tim Harvey and James Sutton each took a pole position ahead of rounds 11 and 12 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton today (Saturday 1 August 2009). Harvey claimed top spot for round 11, while his Red Line Racing teammate Sutton took pole for round 12. Meanwhile, Glynn Geddie topped the pro-am1 times for both races and Paul Hogarth took a double pole in pro-am2.

Although rain threatened, the track stayed dry throughout a typically close and hard fought qualifying session and with 22 cars on track getting a clear lap was very important. The times were incredibly close and in the final reckoning the first 10 cars were covered by just over a second.

It was Harvey who finally took pole for round 11, claiming his first pole of the season as he brought Tim Bridgman's unbroken run of 10 poles to an end. "At last," said a delighted Harvey. "It's good to be on top on sheer speed and great to finally get a pole. This has always been a good circuit for me."

Lapping within a tenth of Harvey were Sutton and Bridgman (Team Parker Racing), but it was Sutton who set the fastest second-best lap in qualifying to take pole for round 12. "I was trying really hard to bolt two good laps together," said Sutton. Harvey was second for round 12 from Bridgman as three-hundredths of a second covered the top three cars. "I had a car good enough for pole and each time I went for a lap I got traffic," said Bridgman.

Fourth fastest for both races was Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) and it was Geddie (Team Parker Racing) who took fifth for both races and an impressive double pole for the pro-am1 category. "That's where we need to be," said Geddie, who showed fine pace after a run of misfortune over recent races.

But the times were just as tight in pro-am1 as in the leading overall standings and running very close to Geddie on both sets of times were Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing) and Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance). "That was my first run of the weekend on new tyres," said Gilham, who was pleased to find improvements through the session. Jackson, too, had qualified very strongly. "It was a good session, but I still feel I could have gone a bit quicker," said Jackson. JHR teammates Derek Pierce and Robert Lawson shared fourth and fifth places in pro-am1, with Lawson feeling that he should have found a bit more speed.

Hogarth (IN2Racing) topped pro-am2 for both races after a hard-charging session. "That was very, very tight indeed," said Hogarth. "It was a fantastic session; I'm very pleased with that." Taking the fight to Hogarth in style was Glenn McMenamin (Parr Motorsport) and Paul Mace (GT Marques) and with a fifth of a second covering the top three cars the stage is set for a great contest in pro-am2 as well as for the overall and pro-am1 podiums.

Harvey wins Carrera Cup GB round 11 at Snetterton

Media release: 2 August 2009

Tim Harvey scored an emphatic victory in round 11 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton today (Sunday 2 August 2009). Harvey led from start to finish but behind him there was plenty of action and battling as Glynn Geddie claimed pro-am1 and Glenn McMenamin won pro-am2.

Harvey (Red Line Racing) won the dash to the first corner from teammate James Sutton and as they battled Tim Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) was able to dive through to second place. Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) and Geddie (Team Parker Racing) made up a leading quartet and soon went clear as a first corner tangle eliminated Robert Lawson (JHR) and delayed his team mate Derek Pierce and Tom Bradshaw (Team Parker Racing).

Harvey quickly took control at the head of the race as Bridgman battled to hold off Sutton. Lap by lap, Harvey was able to edge away and built his lead to around three seconds. However, life was not so straightforward for Bridgman and his efforts to contain Sutton finally ended when Bridgman was caught behind a backmarker onto the Revett Straight and Sutton dived past. With Caine close behind, that was how they finished, with Harvey re-taking the championship lead from Bridgman.

"That's a great result," said Harvey. "My season always seems to start at this point. I wanted to get through the backmarkers carefully and it was completely under control." Sutton had a late scare in traffic, but stayed clear of Bridgman to secure second place. "I'm pretty satisfied with that," said Sutton. "But it is really busy out there." Bridgman, meanwhile, accepted that he did not have the speed to match Harvey. "I didn't quite have the pace, but it was all about the backmarkers."

While Caine took fourth, Geddie claimed a dominant pro-am1 win after a faultless drive. "I wanted to try and stick with the top four, but it wasn't worth taking any risks," he said after concentrating on winning pro-am1. Into second in pro-am1 came Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) from Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing). However, Gilham had run second in pursuit of Geddie until he spun at Riches and dropped behind Jackson.

Jackson had been involved in the first corner incident and was initially concerned that he might have damaged a radiator, but all was well and he raced through to second in pro-am1. "I was pushing hard to catch Geddie and spun," admitted Gilham of his indiscretion.

The pro-am2 battle was a tremendous feature of the race and for many laps it was Paul Hogarth (IN2Racing) leading from Paul Mace (GT Marques) and McMenamin. The cars were seldom more than a few feet apart and finally, on lap 17, Mace dived past Hogarth into the Esses. However, Hogarth fought back as McMenamin dropped away with a spin at Russell.

Then, on lap 23 Hogarth and Mace were side by side into the Esses as Sutton came through to lap them. The pro-am2 leaders touched and spun and with both cars damaged they were out, which allowed McMenamin though to victory from Bob Lyons (Celtic Speed), who lost time with a first lap spin, and Robin Clark (Parr Motorsport). "I had an idea that could happen," said McMenamin. "After I spun, I thought that was it."

Harvey does Carrera Cup double at Snetterton

Media release: 2 August 2009

Tim Harvey made it a perfect weekend by winning round 12 of the 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton today (Sunday 2 August 2009) and completed a double win as Tim Bridgman chased home in second. Glynn Geddie also made it a double victory by winning pro-am1 while Paul Hogarth took pro-am2 after a monster battle with Paul Mace and Glenn McMenamin.

Harvey (Red Line Racing) shadowed teammate James Sutton for lap after lap with Bridgman (Team Parker Racing) and Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) again leading the chase. However, into the closing stages Harvey moved ever closer to Sutton and started to look at ways to take the lead. Into Riches on lap 19, Sutton locked a front wheel and ran wide onto the grass as Harvey and Bridgman swept through. Then, as Sutton rejoined on the run to Sear, Caine tried to dive through. The cars made contact and Caine was out on the spot as Sutton recovered to salvage third place.

But it was Harvey who took a fine double win to make it a perfect weekend. "I've had a great day; I knew right from testing on Friday that my car was really strong." Red Line Racing was announced as 'team of the weekend' and Bridgman acknowledged that he did not the have the pace to match Harvey this time around. "We did a good job, but they did a better job," said Bridgman.

Sutton was a frustrated third while Geddie (Team Parker Racing) made it a pro-am1 double with fourth overall and was right on Sutton's tail at the flag. "It was a good result," said Geddie. "I was trying to get an overall podium and I'm sure it will come." Geddie was confirmed as 'driver of the weekend'.

Fifth overall and second in pro-am1 was a good result for Tony Gilham (Red Line Racing), who spent many laps defending his place from Tom Bradshaw (Team Parker Racing). "It was tough keeping Tom behind," said Gilham, who significantly closed the pro-am1 points' gap to Robert Lawson (JHR) across the pair of races. Ollie Jackson (Motorbase Performance) completed the pro-am1 podium, but Lawson was on Jackson's tail at the flag.

Once again, the pro-am2 battle was one of the features of the race as Paul Hogarth (IN2 Racing) fended off Paul Mace (GT Marques) and Glenn McMenamin. It was incredibly close for most of the race and Hogarth and Mace ran side by side into Russell with two laps to go. Then, a lap later Mace dropped down to first gear at the Esses in avoiding contact with Hogarth and a quick spin dropped him behind McMenamin. "I never got a lap on my own," said Hogarth. "I couldn't afford to make a single mistake."