Silverstone 2010

Caine and Harvey share Carrera Cup poles at Silverstone

Media release: 21 August 2010

For the second race weekend in a row, Michael Caine and Tim Harvey shared the pole positions for rounds 13 and 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB during qualifying at Silverstone today (Saturday 21 August).

While Harvey (Red Line Racing) and Caine (Motorbase Performance) each took an overall pole at the head of a superb 27-car field, Ollie Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase) twice posted a top five overall time to head pro-am1 for both races. In pro-am2, Paul Mace (GT Marques) bagged an impressive double pole.

Although there was the threat of rain in the air as qualifying started, the session remained dry. Most of the best laps came early in the half-hour session, as the track seemed to loose pace as the session went out. In a fabulously close field, less than a second covered the first 14 cars on the grid for round 13 with Caine clinching pole by 86-hundredthds of a second from Harvey, with Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) an excellent third fastest.

In the line-up for round 14, based on second best lap times, Harvey headed Caine by less than a tenth of a second as Meadows again posted third fastest time. "It's a stalemate," said Caine of his on-going battle with Harvey. "The track lost its edge through the session," he added after failing to match his early pace when he went out later in the session on his second set of tyres.

"As soon as I went out on the second set of tyres I knew the track was slower," confirmed Harvey. "It's the same qualifying result as at Snetterton and if we get the same race result I'll be happy," he added, after each driver took a win and a second at the Norfolk track. "This weekend is a bit of a worry for me as we're all on the same pace," said title leader Harvey. Meadows continued his strong recent form with two third places. "We were quick straightaway this weekend and it's great to be mixing it with Tim and Michael," said the Carrera Cup Scholarship driver.

Fourth and fifth fastest for each race were Jackson and Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing), with the positions reversed for round 14. "That was pretty spectacular," said Jackson after a hugely impressive session. "It's always good to be in the top five overall." Second in pro-am1 was Jonas Gelzinis (Juta Racing), although a gaggle of pro category racers separated the pro-am1 leaders. "I think I'll catch him in the races," said Gelzinis. Tony Gilham (Collins ReDesign Racing) and Michael Leonard (Team Parker Racing) each took a third place on the pro-am1 grids.

Mace clinched pro-am2 pole for both races by a very small margin from Glenn McMenamin (Red Line Racing). "That's very good; being fastest in pro-am2 is all I can do," said Mace of his poles after limited running in testing on Friday. McMenamin was frustrated by traffic as he chased Mace's time and was relieved to be second in pro-am2. Meanwhile, George Richardson (Motorbase Performance) and George Brewster (Celtic Speed) each took a third slot in the category.


Caine takes Carrera Cup round 13 at Silverstone

Media release: 22 August 2010

Michael Caine scored an emphatic victory in round 13 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone today (Sunday 22 August). While Caine dominated the race, Tim Harvey maintained his championship lead with second place as he scored his 100th Carrera Cup GB podium.

With fierce battling all the way down the superb 27-car field, Ollie Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase) claimed another pro-am1 victory and Glenn McMenamin withstood race-long pressure to win pro-am2.

The biggest challenge to Caine (Motorbase Performance) came on the opening lap when he had a poor start and had to fight with Harvey (Red Line Racing) over the first two corners. Slight contact between the two cars left Harvey contending with tracking that was out of line and he struggled for pace. However, Caine was in stunning form and pulled clear at the head of the field to score a resounding win, his third of the season.

"I didn't get a very good start and had to brace it out on the first lap," said Caine. "But when I got my head down the pace was good," he said after stretching his lead to nearly seven seconds at the flag. Second place for Harvey was good for his championship bid, but over the final lap he had to fend off Stephen Jelley (Red Line Racing). "I'm pleased with the result but not with the pace," said Harvey. "When you can't take the win, you take the best you can."

Jelley drove a fine race to battle ahead of Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) after a long contest. Once into third, Jelley set off after Harvey and was right on the championship leader's tail at the finish. "The car was mega; even when the tyres were old," said Jelley.

Meadows ran home fourth to repeat his strong qualifying form, but had pro-am1 leader Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase) as a constant shadow. "I probably had the pace to have a go at Michael, but pro-am1 points were more important," said Jackson. "The car was absolutely spot on all the way through the race," he added. Behind Jackson, Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) turned in a superb recovery drive having twice had to take to the grass on the opening laps to avoid other cars. From 14th place, he fought back to sixth at the flag.

Jonas Gelzinis (Juta Racing) ran second in pro-am1 for much of the race, but then spun at Luffield and hit the car of Bob Lyons (Celtic Speed), who was trying to stay out of the way. With a damaged wheel, Gelzinis was forced out and that promoted Tony Gilham (Collins ReDesign Racing) and Michael Leonard (Team Parker Racing) to the pro-am1 podium.

Pro-am2 was the focus of a race-long battle as McMenamin (Red Line Racing) had to withstand constant pressure from George Richardson (Motorbase Performance) and George Brewster (Celtic Speed). "That was absolute pressure from the outset," said McMenamin. "The two Georges were at me all the time," he added. But with a faultless drive, McMenamin held off his challengers for a fine win. Richardson ran second initially, but an error at Luffield allowed Brewster the opportunity he needed to grab the place.

Caine completes Carrera Cup double at Silverstone

Media release: 22 August 2010

Michael Caine made it a perfect weekend by winning round 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone today (Sunday 22 August). Caine had to fight ahead of Tim Harvey to make sure of victory, but a hard-earned second place keeps Harvey at the head of the title race with six races to run.

Jonas Gelzinis won pro-am1 despite big pressure from Ollie Jackson, while Glenn McMenamin completed a tremendous day by winning pro-am2 for the second time.

Harvey (Red Line Racing) made a great start from pole and went clear on the opening lap as Caine (Motorbase Performance) fended off Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing) to take second. But it was soon clear that Caine had exceptional pace as he closed in on Harvey and they ran nose-to-tail until lap nine when Caine saw his chance at Luffield and squeezed through into the lead.

Once ahead, Caine quickly built his lead while Jelley reeled Harvey in, as Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) and Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) ran in Jelley's wheel tracks. Rather than try and go after Caine, Harvey had to concentrate on the growing challenge. Then, on lap 15 the safety car was deployed while Paul Mace's car was moved clear.

Caine shot clear again at the re-start, but Harvey now had a queue of cars behind him and spent the rest of the race under intense pressure. Jelley even dived ahead as they braked for Brooklands, but with the medical car on course after Richard Denny (Parr Motorsport) went off at Luffield, Jelley dropped back in behind Harvey until they cleared the incident. That was how they finished, with Jelley, Meadows and Geddie crossing the line in close formation behind Harvey.

However, Caine had been the dominant force of the weekend. "We just had the best car out there," said Caine. "It's a bit easier when your car is so good." Caine earned the 'driver of the weekend' award for his performance. Harvey had to fight to the line for second and the championship lead, while Jelley claimed another podium finish. "Our car was really good and we had the pace for second," said Jelley.

Gelzinis (Juta Racing) had to work hard to get ahead of Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) and then ran a fine sixth overall chasing Geddie while defending his place from pro-am1 rival Ollie Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase). "It's been a difficult day and I tried a few times to overtake Euan Hankey," said Gelzinis. Jackson was close behind at the flag to maintain his pro-am1 title lead. "I lost two places with a terrible start," said Jackson. "I tried to get past Gelzinis when he was behind Hankey," said Jackson as Ahmad Al Harthy (Red Line Racing) completed the pro-am1 podium.

McMenamin (Red Line Racing) completed a great day by leading pro-am1 throughout, keeping George Brewster (Celtic Speed) and George Richardson (Motorbase Performance) at bay. "I can't ask for more than that; it's been a big day for the championship," said McMenamin. "Luckily I got away cleanly at the re-start," added McMenamin as Brewster held off Richardson for second. Celtic Speed took the 'team of the weekend' award.