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Reasons to Sponsor

Sponsorship and strategic partnerships are the lifeblood of motorsports and we are always keen to talk to companies about how we can work with them to achieve their business objectives. No longer just about putting a sticker on the side of a car and hoping someone will buy your product, you can use sponsorship for:

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If you think your organisation could benefit from partnering with Parr or want to understand how we can help you achieve your business objectives please contact Paul Robe on or call 01293 537 911

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Sika Limited, the UK subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group was established in 1927 and produces and markets a wide range of state-of-the-art systems. This activity is underpinned by unrivalled innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and renowned technical advice and in-situ guidance. Pioneers of a fully integrated service, the company is acknowledged in providing for end users or their specifiers, be they clients, designers, engineers, producers, distributors, merchants and contractors.

Within the UK, as in all other group locations, Sika operates to optimal levels of performance, demonstrated through possession of EN ISO 9001 certification for quality control and EN ISO 14001 for environmental management. Wherever possible products are manufactured to European and British Standards, are approved by the British Board of Agrément or provide unique and superior properties. Additionally, Sika Limited was one of the first companies in construction and industrial products to achieve the status of Investors in People, a benefit to those using the organisation, be it in the form of RIBA CPD accredited presentations, project surveys or after sales guidance. Sika Limited are also active members of many organisations and bodies relevant to the strategic application fields.

The reputation for Sika for quality and reliability is virtually unmatched, illustrated through a comprehensive portfolio of problem solving products that have been employed for many years in wide diversity of applications.

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Adori Media Solutions

We are the largest and longest-serving supplier of audio visual presentation and installation solutions to F1 team's hospitality suites in the Formula One Paddock Club What started as simply installing a large video wall for one team evolved into that team, and others, utilizing creative presentation and production ideas from Adori Media Solutions to enhance the racing experience for their guests.

Having been involved in corporate hospitality and presentations for over 10 years, we have the experience to make even the simplest presentation brilliant and effective in any sector. It' s what we do; it' s what we're best at, and we love doing it!

  • Live show planning.
  • Production and presentation.
  • Audio visual planning, design and installation.
  • Music programming and production.
  • Audio visual equipment installation and advice.
  • Commentating and voiceovers.

We also bring the creative and imaginative ideas to help provide the EDGE to your client experience. All our services are of course designed to perfectly suit your budget and timeframes. A great way to supplement your guest' s entertainment experience is through sound. Adori Media Solutions has pioneered the use of narrowcasting in F1' s leading hospitality area to entertain and inform guests, and so improve their racing experience. We have worked, and continue to work, with some of the biggest names in the sport: AT&TWilliams, BMW.SauberF1Team, Jaguar Racing, BMW.WilliamsF1Team, Vodafone, Honda F1 Racing, Castrol, Renault F1 Team, Accenture, and Oris.

Parr Partners

Race Keeper

Trivinci designs and sells easy-to-use, on-board video data systems and products for motor sports. Trivinci's racing school business unit delivers personalized race videos on DVD, USB or Internet download for guests of leading racing and driving schools and track day operators. Our partners include the world's most demanding racing and driving schools. In fact, over the past three years, our Race-Keeper systems have captured over 1,000,000 race outings from partners and their guests.

Race-Keeper is a registered trademark of Trivinci Systems, LLC. Race-Keeper is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

Parr Partners

CARS Europe

Nothing quite matches the experience of owning a classic motor car. Anyone who has ever been tempted to make the leap from mere spectator to loving custodian knows the sense of pride that comes from many long days of painstaking restoration, problem solving, and ultimately driving an icon of the motoring age.

Whether it is a modern supercar, a vintage limousine from the golden age of motoring, a pioneer of post-war mass production, or a high-value factory prototype you may want to drive and display it among the world's finest automobiles, transporting it to car shows, concours d'elegance, exhibitions, trade shows and other events all over the world.

CARS are world leaders in the air and sea freight shipment of historic, rare, and prestigious vehicles. Whether you are an individual enthusiast, a specialist organisation, or a manufacturer we will give your pride and joy all the respect it deserves. We'll store it under the loving and watchful eyes of skilled mechanics. We'll guide it through the complexities of freight documentation and customs brokerage. And we'll deliver it in precisely the condition it was in when it left your workshop - to destinations as diverse and high profile as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Mille Miglia, or the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. You provide the romance, nostalgia, and sheer thrill of driving a classic – we will deliver it to any destination in the world that your heart may desire.

Parr Partners


"Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural enviroment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric," a winning formula Thomas Schnarr adheres to.

In 1985, Thomas together with his brother Michael Schnarr established the company Cargraphic, exclusively modifying vehicle appearance and performance characteristics there after adopting the slogan, "The performance company". The first evidence of success would come from a true icon, the 911 Porsche. Cargraphic now devotes it's expertise to a wide range of car manufacturers, models and classes, from small cars to SUV's. Stainless-steel exhaust systems, light alloy rims, performance enhancements, suspension components, car accessories provide a core of products imperative to Cargraphic's continual growth. A true test for the products would be Motorsport! Equipping private Motorsport Teams with components were part of the company's concept from the very beginning. Cargraphic introduced itself to the Motorsport arena by entering it's own vehicles in to the Tuner Grand Prix held in Hockenheim, where over the years a number of podium finishes have been accumulated.

A large proportion of in house manufacturing as well as specialised development partners, ensure Cargraphic's control over product quality and development sublimity. So that the one and three-piece alloy wheels are manufactured to 100%, Cargraphic works closely with a German wheel production specialist, continuously perfecting existing and new designs. For a number of years Cargraphic has owned a production outfit in south west England, equipped with modern machinery and a highly qualified work-force, they are committed solely to select materials of the highest standard and interact intensively with their German counterparts. Since the company's existence Cargraphic has worked together with one of the most renowned supplier's in the industry and proudly exploits it's Bilstein Suspension Specialist accolade.

Due to this long standing relationship Cargraphic were awarded a prestigious task, to develop a pneumatic Airlift Suspension, which in 2009 was tested in Hockenheim by Walter Röhrl. The youngest piece of the Cargraphic jigsaw belongs to the sophisticated Performance software, which can be fitted by any of our experienced affiliated partners. The "power packet" from Landau, not only improves lap times on the race track or ensures for a faster getaway at the traffic lights, but also offers an array of characteristic optical details for a distinct recognition value. .

Parr Partners

Ellis Clowes

Ellis Clowes & Company Limited has pledged to be 'A service driven broker for the fast moving world'. The origins of the company are the iconic and highly respected Lloyd's Broker, TL Clowes, whose expertise was motor sport and associated insurance. Over time, the Clowes name has expanded beyond this remit and established itself today as a company providing flexible insurance solutions with unparallelled service and expertise.

Ellis Clowes, as an independent Lloyd's Broker, continues this theme of developing the business within the niche areas it knows so well by providing insurance services specifically for professional high-risk sports and companies operating in war zones and hostile environments. The main focus of the business remains motor sport and Ellis Clowes continues to lead the market in comprehensive programmes for teams, individuals, sponsors, governing bodies, championships and events.

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As a specialist motorsports marketing company Torque are the exclusive partners of Parr Motorsport in the UK. They work closely with teams, drivers and sponsors to make sure they get the most from their involvement in the most exciting of sports.

Creativity, innovation and a return on investment are key drivers of the business and are reflected in their work. Recent campaigns have involved website development, social media profiles, interactive magazines and phone apps.

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Parr Partners

KRW Accountants

KRW Accountants are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers who enjoy working with business owners, by taking the hassle out of their accounts and tax returns, and by helping them to minimise their tax liabilities.

Established in April 2009 to build on the experience of its Managing Director, Keith Witchell, in providing first class accounting and taxation services to owner managed businesses and other organisations

As a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers, KRW Accountants are at the forefront of the profession, and take a proactive approach to account and a taxation, with a view to providing a value added service to its clients. They always aim to give more than is traditionally expected, through strong business and taxation advice and by keeping in regular contact with our clients so that we can give advice as it is needed.

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Challenge Capital

Challenge Capital are a team of experienced, proactive and constructive individuals with access to capital. They are used to dealing with difficult or sensitive situations and are able to react quickly when necessary. Our training and business experience allow us to get the heart of an issue quickly and we speak plain English. The business specialises in the following areas:

Private Equity – direct and rapid access to equity from a range of high net worth individuals and private equity institutions that can be deployed to acquire businesses, refinance and restructure balance sheets and to support turnarounds and special opportunities.

Commercial finance – With our funding partners we can deliver asset finance and receivables funding either as part of a transaction or to support business as usual.

Advisory – experience in leading M&A and restructuring transactions as well as acting as principle or as an independent advisor

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OMP Racing

OMP Racing is the official suppliers of fireproof racing overalls, gloves and boots for our championship drivers and footwear and gloves for the team. The partnership started in March 2011 and sees the OMP logos appear on the cars and the Parr Motorsport Porsches appearing in the 2012 OMP racing catalogue.

The company was established in Genoa (Italy) in 1973 by brothers Piergiorgio, Roberto and Claudio Percivale, with the initial production of rollbars for competition cars. Over the years, OMP has grown to cover racing safety components for competition cars and drivers, karting accessories and competition components and tuning parts of road cars. OMP became well-known among the professionals and the amateurs of this sector because it provided clothes for drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell in Formula 1 and Tommi Makinen and Carlos Sainz in the rally worldwide championship. Its popularity was definitively confirmed in 1996, when Michael Schumacher chose OMP as his personal "tailor" for 11 years of victories with Ferrari.

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