Porsche Engine Rebuilds

At Parr we are able to put our near thirty years of experience of working with Porsche’s to good use in looking after your car.  Our facilities allow us to run basis checks on road cars up to complete porsche engine rebuilds of purebred racing engines for our customer GT programmes. Our skilled, Porsche approved and trained technicians can identify problems with engines or suggest performance upgrades to your vehicle that can be undertaken all under one roof.

Engine RoomCar in Dyno Room

Our workshops are kitted out with all the equipment needed for us to fully rebuild and recondition porsche engines. Our dedicated clean room allows our technicians to be able to inspect and rebuild engines in hospital like conditions. This ensures a high quality of workmanship and gives you the satisfaction that the work is being carried out in the correct environment.




RSR Engine on Dyno


Once you engine has been rebuilt to our exacting standards we are able to test the rebuilt unit in our very own dyno room. Here we can put the engine through its paces before we reinstall it in your car. This bespoke testing area is also big enough to house an entire car so we can run diagnostics checks without having to do any work on the car.




Tips on How to Spot Engine Trouble

To help you spot the indicators of engine trouble we have put together a list of five ways you can tell if you have a problem.

1). Warning Lights

Usually the first sign of trouble is when a warning light comes on the dashboard display. The ones to look out for are:

  • Check Oil/Oil Level Low
  • Oil Pressure Low
  • Check Engine

2). Smooth ride

You might find your car starts to jerk, surge or stall unexpectedly. High revs whilst idling or the engine accelerating out of your control are also symptoms of a wider problem. There are any number of reasons why this might be happening from spark plug trouble to problems with your fuel filter.

3). Noises

Tapping, popping and grinding noises are often heard when an engine is suffering. It can indicate detonation taking place within the engine’s cylinders which can potentially result in expensive piston damage. Similarly a grinding sound upon start up or changing gear can mean starter motor or gearbox trouble. As soon as you notice something visit Parr and tell one of our technicians what you can hear. We can then quickly diagnose your problem and get you going again.

4). Smells

Strange smells can be an indicator of impeding doom and should be taken very seriously. If you notice exhaust smells in the car then you should seek assistance immediately. Exhaust fumes contain Carbon Monoxide which can kill so you should get out of the car as soon as you notice them. The smell of rotting eggs can signal problems with your catalytic converter. Hot oil, burning rubber, in fact any smell out of the ordinary, can tell us something about the condition of your car.

5). Smoke

Your Porsche engine should burn clean and the exhaust gases should not be coloured if everything is working as it should be. If you see blue smoke it is because oil is getting in to the fuel mix as it burns and can lead to serious engine maladies. White smoke can indicate water or antifreeze getting into the fuel supply, which can lead to overheating