We are Porsche Restoration Experts

We undertake many projects at Parr and we have carried out Porsche tuning repairs as well as full restoration work on many Porsche models. All of our technicians are fully qualified and highly trained Porsche experts and you can visit our gallery to see examples of projects we have carried out. Take a look at the Parr Projects gallery here ... (opens new page)

Parr will undertake special projects for road or racetrack and covering all areas of maintenance and preparation including:

  • Porsche Tuning - Enhancing every aspect of your Porsche from performance to livery
  • Porsche Restoration - Restoring classic and historically significant vehicles to concourse condition
  • Porsche Engineering - From fabricating minor parts to more comprehensive, bespoke design build engineering



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  1. 911 996 Turbo Parr GT Project

    911 996 Turbo Parr GT Project

    This 996 Turbo was presented to Parr in a tired state. The customer had two options sell as is and buy into a later turbo, or create the car he wanted. See More Details

  2. Parr Carbon Cayenne Turbo

    Parr Carbon Cayenne Turbo

    Our client wanted to make his Cayenne Turbo stand out from the crowd as well as up the performance See More Details

  3. Parr Cayman S Turbo

    Parr Cayman S Turbo

    The objective of this project was to deliver a Cayman with the performance that would rival a GT3. See More Details

  4. 911 2.7 RS Touring

    Porsche 1973 911 2.7 RS Touring Restoration

    Parr were presented with this rare classic to return it to original concourse condition. The 2 year project resulted in a car that not only won its first concourse event but sold within one week of being on the market. See More Details

  5. Koenig C62 Project

    Koenig C62 Project

    The Koenig C62 Project below is just one example of our work, give us a call to discuss how we can help you See More Details

  6. Front Grill Set

    Red Bull Project

    The customer wanted to create a track focused 996 GT3 RS. This was achieved by developing the chassis and engine performance with the following work: See More Details

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