Sport Rear Silencer Sets


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Part Number: CARP96ER

Sport rear silencer set with integrated exhaust flaps to be used with either OE flap control (if available) or with our optional performance flap control system.
CARGRAPHIC sport rear silencers are concipated as absorptive silencers which reduce exhaust back pressure drastically. The result is besides more power and torque a better response characteristic. Further evidence of improvements made, are recognised through an enhanced accoustic and weight reduction.
Strenghtened brackets as well as the olive- and slide system ensure an exact adjustment, which guarantees a stressless installation.

7KW(10PS) more power and 10Nm additional torque.


Our programmable performance flap control system is a universal product to be fitted to cars that already have a standard built in system or come completely without. The performance flap control system includes two remote controls and works with two operational modes:

OPEN = Flap always open
AUTO =  Flap opens and closes in relation to RPM and
                throttle position which is individually

This new innovative performance flap control system is designed to convert both the CAN-BUS and the analog RPM signal. This allows not only the use with older car electronics but also with the latest high tech CAN-BUS driven car control systems.
An easy installation is guaranteed


Silencers can be installed with factory tailpipes or with one of the following CARGRAPHIC tailpipes:

1. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
Oval following the rear Valance rolled in

2. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
oval 89x115mm rolled in

3. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
round Ø89mm rolled in
Part: CARP96ER35

4. Stainless Steel Twintailpipe Set
2x 63,5mm
Part: CARP96ER

Sport Rear Silencer Sets

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