Sport Rear Silencer Sets


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Part Number: CARP96ET

These sport rear silencers are concipated as absorptive silencers which reduce exhaust back pressure drastically. The result is besides more power and a better response characteristic, a sporty deep hollow sound. Furthermore the rear silencers are considerably lighter than the standard product.
Strengthened brackets as well as the olive- and slide system ensure an exact adjustment, which guarentees a stressless installation. Also the tailpipes can be positionned precisely.

Stainless steel sport rear silencer sets  
7KW (10 PS) more power and 10Nm additional torque

TÜV Version   
Part: CARP96ET
TÜV Sound Version     

Super Sound Export Version 

Stainless steel sport rear silencer set for TIPTRONIC models
with flexpipe
TÜV Sound Version    

Silencers can be installed with factory tailpipes or with one of the following CARGRAPHIC Tailpipes:

1. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
Oval following the rear Valance rolled in
2. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
oval 89x115mm rolled in
 Part: CARP96ERO

3. Stainless Steel Tailpipe Set
round Ø89mm rolled in
 Part: CARP96ER35

4. Stainless Steel Twintailpipe Set
2x 63,5mm
 Part: CARP96ER

Sport Rear Silencer Sets

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